On the road… again

This has been a busy last week and a half for us, but school is finally over.

It started with our bus ride to UCLA. We played a hard-fought series with them and leftimages.jpg winning two out of three and taking a one-game lead in the Pac 10 home with us. And that’s were it got a little crazy.

We bused back to Tempe and got in around 1:30 a.m. Then half the team had to get on another bus heading to the airport by 6:45 a.m in order to fly to Wichita, Kansas. The other half of the guys had to stay behind to take final exams. Then, in the morning, the team had to drive two hours to Manhattan to play Kansas State, while the other half of the team drove straight from the airport and arrived at the field about an hour and a half before the game. We dropped that game 7-6, though Jason Franzblau started and threw very well for us.

pac10standings.jpgBut wait, that’s not all. We then bused back to Wichita and stayed the night, playing Wichita State in the cold and rain the next night, winning 6-1. In that game, freshman Matt Newman started his first collegiate game and went 6 2/3 IP and only gave up one run. That was the highlight of my trip: seeing a freshman step up like that.

We flew home the next day and got ready for LMU (Loyola Marymount) Saturday-Monday. So far we have taken the first two from LMU with the final game tonight in Tempe. Then we finish the season with six conference games, three at home against Washington and then the final series of the regular season down I-10 at the University of Arizona.

Thank you for all your comments so far and good wishes. I look forward to hearing from you guys and I’ll be back soon. 

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