Greetings from ASU

My name is Brett Wallace and I’m excited to get the chance to share my experiences with everyone – from my three years at Arizona State, to the final few weeks of my college career and leading up to the draft.

Thumbnail image for Brett Wallace_12-08.jpgJust to give you a little background on how I got here, I was drafted as a senior out of Justin-Siena High School in Sonoma, Calif., by the Toronto Blue Jays in the 42nd round. Before the draft I was pretty set that I was going to school.  I had wanted to play at ASU ever since I can remember and even had an Arizona State flag hanging in my room since I was about five years old.

I knew that coming from a small school in a small town, I would need to go to college and prove myself. So, heading into the draft I was prepared for that, but getting picked up by the Blue Jays was a definitely a cool feeling.
Looking back at my college experience and comparing myself to the player I was out of high school is incredible. My game has matured and evolved immensely.   My coaches and teammates at ASU have taught me so much and have really played a huge role in my development. I think that the biggest thing that I have learned in college came during my freshmen year when I got off to a slow start and wasn’t playing very often. I learned how to be a student of the game and prepare to capitalize on my next opportunity. I decided that there’s a chance I may not be in the lineup, but it wasn’t because I wasn’t prepared or ready. I wanted to make it as hard as possible for my coaches to keep me out of there.
My three years here at ASU have flown by and my teammates talk about it all the time, when we were the new little freshmen just trying to keep up with the crazy schedule and now we are the guys trying to help stabilize this team and offer help and support to the new guys.
As the season moves on, things don’t get any easier.  We drove up to play UCLA this past weekend in a heated  conference series. Monday, we drive back to Tempe and fly to the Midwest for a couple of mid-week games at Kansas State on Tuesday and at Wichita State on Wednesday. Thursday we fly back to Tempe and host LMU in a non-conference weekend series, so there’s little time to rest this time of year.
With that in mind, I’m signing off. Until next time, goodbye from Tempe.




    hey brett is there an email address i can email u at so i can ask you for your autograph? i am a huge fan!

    Hope u do good in the draft.


    Good luck in the draft, Brett, I hope you do well. I’m on the freshman team at a small catholic school in Massachusetts, and my dream is to be in your shoes in 7 years.


    Brett: It says in your bio that were born in Marin County. Did you live in Marin or go to school in Marin before moving to Sonoma? Good luck on Thursday!


    Brett, Thanks for 3 GREAT years as a Sun Devils. We’ll miss you next and best of luck with the Cardinals.



    Brett hello from the Napa Valley!!!!
    I was a life long friend of MITCH BOGGS and i wanted to let you
    know that when he coached you as a freshman he told, you would someday make it to the show!! I have been following you since he has been gone and i am very happy to see you have made it.
    Remember you are representing all who have coach,watched and cheered you on for years.
    I want to thank you for all your hard work. Every time I hear about you doing great thing, it always make me think of #9 and it brings a SMILE to my face.


    Remember us from your days in Joplin, Mo. Congratulations on all of your successes. We can’t wait to see you move up the ladder with the Cardinals. Best people to be around in all of baseball! If you play some in Springfield we’ll be there to cheer you! Don, Margaret, Nathan (In Guam with the US Coast Guard), Audrey, and Erin

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